Pallet Rubber Bands

Pik India manufactures Rubber bands and pvc band of standard and premium quality in different single colour like green, red, black, blue in latex natural band to be used in pallets, drums. The other rubber bands application is to be used in conductive and antistatic application. Rubber bands are resistance to temperature and ultraviolet rays, oils, chemical, abrasion, heat, weather. There are other so many applications for rubber bands like printed rubber band, wrist band. In spite of above rubber band we can manufacture and supply other bands and as per customer requirement.

These heavy duty industrial size and strength bands are designed to stabilize most any size load.  Pallet bands are also excellent for securing pallet covers.

56 x 3/4 32 x 40 TO 36 x 36
72 x 3/4 32 x 40 TO 36 x 36
84 x 3/4 36 x 42 TO 36 x 48
88 x 3/4 36 x 48 TO 40 x 48
92 x 3/4 40 x 48 TO 48 x 48
112 x 3/4 48 x 60 TO 48 x 48
Pik India Rubber Bands are assigned a "size number" that corresponds to length, width and thickness dimensions as defined in the diagram (left).